3D Visualization

Visualization 3D Max is a type of 3D computer graphics. 3D visualization allows you to see any object with all its details and nuances from any angle. With 3D visualization you can examine any object from different angles using various lighting.

Visualization takes one of the main places in the construction, architecture and other human spheres of life. It makes possibilities wider and allows us to embody the boldest ideas into reality. Today we are facing a vivid three-dimensional world, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination. It is possible to recreate absolutely any object that does not even exist in life, but to make it so that the viewer will believe in its existence.

Using 3D technologies, you can create bright and realistic product presentations. This is the commercial success of any project. We will show what is really worth showing. Your customers will remember the bright visual image created by the specialists of our studio.
3DAGENCY provides services for 3D visualization of interior and exterior. We also create interactive 3D panoramas of interior with the ability to move with a single mouse click. You can order visualization of any complexity. We work with construction companies, architects and private designers who want to sell their project in a truly spectacular way. To order 3D graphics, you can call us or send us a task on the mail.

What we do:

Briefly about us

Our 3D visualization agency "3DAGENCY" propose you to have a look at the rich portfolio of already completed projects, which received a great reference from customers. Each of our work is valued by us in the weight in gold, because we give 100% to every single task. Just look at the catalog of works, it will tell you much more than any words.

With us you get:

  • Quality. Our works meet all the client’s requirements and wishes. In addition we have vast experience in similar works and take into account all the details.
  • Professionalism. Our staff have the appropriate education and work experience. They perform their job quickly and reliably providing you creative ideas.
  • Responsibility. We take responsibility for our works and do it 100%. There won’t be any problems with the result delays or it discrepancy compared to the previously agreed requirements.

3DAGENCY - is one of the few 3D visualization agencies who is ready to offer the most convenient and comfortable cooperation. We are always discuss the deadlines and strictly follow them. We work for you and do everything to make you satisfied with the result.

For who:

We work with:

Builders and construction companies
Architects and designers
Project companies
Anyone who needs high-quality and photorealistic 3D visualization

Stages of work:

Contact us

You can contact us over the phone, by email or leave a site request.

Create the task, discuss the details

At this stage we define tasks, evaluate your requirements, estimate the timeframe and make the proposal.

Show drafts

At this stage we show you sketches and rough renders to adjust the style, composition and approve the main components.

Approve details

At this stage we send you a picture to confirm the missing parts and correct defects. We usually make 2-3 options if agreed.

Create high resolution pictures

Provide you pictures in high resolution with post processing.

Why us

Advantages of working with us
  • We are professionals with more than five years of experience. The team works very productive taking into account all the client’s requirements.
  • We always follow up SLA and appreciate your time.
  • Our pieces are absolutely transparent. You pay a deposit and then make payments for completed stages. This strategy is very convenient for most clients.
  • Exclusive graphics will allow you to succeed in solving the most ambitious and complex tasks, you will attract new customers and successfully market your goods and services.
  • Our studio is primary an art studio. When you order 3D visualization from us, attention will certainly be paid, no doubts.

3D visualization of a house with a backyard

Artist impression of apartment buildings

Townhouses, private houses, duplexes, etc

Interior 3D visualization

Video presentation of a house


Visualization +1 similar angle

Adding additional objects

Night view


2-5 days

5-14 days

5-14 days

From 7 days

from 15 days

1 day

+1 day

+1 day

+1 day


From $AUD 500 per impression

from AUD$ 1200 per impression

from AUD$ 1500 per impression

From AUD$ 700 per impression

From AUD$ 200 per 1 second

From AUD$ 250

+ From 10%

+ from 10% per object

+ From 15% $ per impression

Let's talk about the project

Free project audit and creation of a creative commercial proposal